A Leader and hero

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President George H.W. Bush, the 41 president of the United States from 1989 to 1993 was a leader to america a hero to many people and a father for his six children. George, Robin (who died as a child), John (known as Jeb), Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy. President George Herbert Walker Bush also served as the 43 vice president for the U.S.

At george’s younger age he was experienced in many things his great athletics and his studies. He was a captain of a baseball team and member of the Phi Beta Kappa. When finished he set out for a career in the oil industry west of Texas. Close like his father Prescott Bush, he was interested in the public services and politics. His wife Barbara Bush sadly passed the same year as George, married in January 6, 1945.

His beloved daughter Robin Bush died at age of three due to the Leukimia that taunted her and the Bush family. George tried as hard as he could to keep the fight going to save his daughter Robin. Barbara only had one rule, no crying in Robins room. George had a hard time following this rule when by Robin as he would say to her i have to go to the bathroom, there he would cry where she couldn’t see him her death tore a hole in the Bush family.

The death of Robin up to the death of President George H.W Bush will be greatly remembered for the years to come Even though George H.W Bush is gone many will do great things such as he would like it.

The Dangers Of Not Protecting Earth.

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Trash is ruining our society as american citizens and those around us such as China, U.K and many more. We all have done or seen someone do the following things, loitering, polluting, poaching  and many more. Even though we try to stop, we see others who are threatening wildlife or are doing things that they shouldn’t do. What do we do? Nothing. Except for the 3 out 10 people in America who recycle, through away trash in a garbage can and do not pollute.

The things we already know about such as what they teach you in school or what signs say about polluting or loitering. What i am saying is probably not new for you or it may be known. The polluting, loitering and poaching happen a lot more than you think. The 1 out of 8 animals that have to live in the wild life die each year due to pollution. One out of 10 Aquatic animals die to people loitering, all those aquatic animals have to live in the trashy and oily waters of the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Ponds. Poaching is something that we don’t here as much as loitering or polluting but that doesn’t mean it is any different, people who poach are looking for money and when they do poach they take the animals that have almost gone extinct to extinct.

No matter what we do we still find the 6 out of 10 that are loitering, poaching, polluting or are not recycling. Which can cause more disasters than there are natural disasters. When people dont care about these acts of destruction then we have more problems and more problems equals more destruction with America, U.K, Russia and many more countries that have the same problem or worse. America needs to be cleaner in our society and for those around us.




Childhood Makings

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        My Childhood like yours was different, because everyone doesn’t have  the same childhood right? Laughter, jokes, parties, friends had become a centerpiece of many childhoods but nobody is the same as i said. Your childhood became, or partly became of what you are today. Or at least a  inspiration of what you became today, but the main centerpiece of most childhoods are stories and how they can have an effect.

The stories that have the most suspense can be the ones that make us jump or wonder, “what is going on?”. Or the princess stories that make little girls want to become a princess for halloween, Party or just for the casual wearing. These aren’t the only stories out there. More classics like Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Three little pigs and many more. 

       The books we choose, could become the books that we start to admire the most. The book i chose from my 4th grade is one of my personal favorites, Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo. The book trails along like Harry Potter where he goes to an academy, lost his parents and other things related . It involves the character Charlie Bone, going to a school that apparently has been in his origin and he is living with his grandmas and other family except for his parents  who had died when he was little.

More great books are out there but my second childhood favorite is, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. You might know this book because it is just one of those books that gets out there. The book starts out with a man that doesn’t like to be  bothered, when a little man has a plate with green eggs and ham. The man isn’t real happy with him and he tells him no,the book trails off until the end leaving a good ending for the readers.

How to be organized in a proper manner.

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Being prepared for school is one of the things that is not as popular as most subjects in school but it can help you to keep track of your items that you would usually take to school. Too hold all of your all your pencils, pens, folders, erasers, notes, paper, glue sticks and a planner or other items.You could use the normal items such as backpack, locker, bag, folders, binders or other items used to carry your belongings. Of course there are other ways to carry your belongings. If you are looking for some extra ideas to help you out in school, home, work, a job or even on your own time.

Your locker is a storage for all of your supplies such as backpack, lunch box, mirrors magnets, pictures or other valuable devices.

Binders can be used for many other things besides just holding papers it can hold a vast amount of other things  you use for school, work or other places.

The main part of this blog will to support the readers and to help them grow into a better organized society. Since the world is not perfect there are laws. Some of the people tend to break them. The other part of this blog will focus on how to be more focused organizing or for giving extra advice.If you are an upcoming 6th or 7th grade lower or higher and are looking some more advice. Its ok to be focused on organizing or for giving extra advice.

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